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How to Create the Perfect Pasta Bar

Pasta bar is a lunch option available Tuesdays through Saturdays at Nonna Rosa’s.  People are so excited to come in and try their talents, but I must admit not all pasta bars are created equal. We give our guests a worksheet to selects certain herbs, a sauce, and a noodle.  Meat and seafood are also options, here are 5 ways to make the best version of your pasta bar creation.

  • Pick your sauce…that’s the best way to navigate the rest of the choices. Are you in the mood for creamy, savory, or tangy? Some of them even combine well too, like Rosa which is both marinara and alfredo, or Pesto with Alfredo. Light sauces like Garlic infused Olive Oil or Pesto can also work well if you want to really taste the ingredients.
  • Herbs and Veggies When selecting the ingredients, see step one. If your sauce is hearty like marinara or alfredo, then just throw in as many veggies as you like.  Plenty of seasonings already in there, the only catch is if you add high water veggies or seafood, because that will dilute the sauce a little.  Not a problem, just ask for extra sauce! Helpful hint, always add garlic because it improves everything but the wine!
  • Meat or meatless? We can add protein to any of the sauces and it will taste great!  The only time it might be a downer is if you mix too many proteins, like Bolognese sauce, with sausage and seafood.  All the flavors combine and it’s not the best tasting version in our opinion.
  • Noodles So most people go with what they know…spaghetti with marinara and fettuccini with alfredo and so on, but did you know you can break form and mix it up? Try spaghetti with Alfredo for a kick, not as heavy as fettuccini.  If you want to keep it neat, go with penne, much easier to handle with the fork and less time consuming than all that twisting!  Ravioli and tortellini are also available if you want to enjoy a cheese or meat filled version.
  • Don’t listen to us, create it your way! Carbs are life here at Nonna Rosa’s and we are here to cook your creation your way…but if you don’t like it, your fault not ours!  Unless it’s cold…that would definitely be our fault!

Overall, the pasta bar creation process is an intimate one that means different things to different people, but we are Italian so we like to offer our opinion!  Meanwhile, check out our lunch pasta bar Tuesday-Saturday from 11-4 and try your luck!  You might just have a little bit of pasta heaven on your plate!  Buon appetito!

Author Tina Suglia is owner/ operator of Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante & Wine Bar in Robbinsdale, MN.  She has been managing restaurants, cooking and serving wine for over 20 years. It brings her great pleasure to help her guests enjoy authentic Italian cuisine at her restaurant!

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