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5 Red Wine Treats for Fall Eats

Autumn is that season that inspires me, I get inspired to go for fall walks to see the leaves change colors and crinkle as I walk over them.  I get inspired to bake things and cook savory and delicious meals for my family and friends.  I also like to plan gatherings…to celebrate Halloween and the fun of trick or treating for the kiddos!  But above all, I am most inspired to finish my long days outside by my patio bonfire with a bottle of red wine.  Nothing feels more like fall to me like an Italian red, a fire flickering and a treat!  Here are the ones I recommend enjoying alone or with others!

  • Frappato-It’s a soft grape from the terrain of Sicily. Think Strawberries with spice, it’s pleasant and not to heavy.  Once upon a time it was a blending grape that helped smooth out stronger grapes of the area like Nero D’Avola, but in recent years it has come out on its own.  It’s delicious and you can even serve it slightly chilled if you prefer, even better with fresh baked zucchini bread!
  • Pinot Noir- Pinot Noir is such a well-known grape that I hesitate to list it. Despite what you think you know about this finicky grape, be aware that in Italy there is a pocket in Trentino, North East Italy, that has just the right weather to create the perfect version of Pinot Noir.  It is also called Pinot Nero in this zone, and paired with fire roasted smores, it is a touchdown!
  • Primativo- Have you met Zinfandel’s cousin? Primativo is the genetic relation to the California grape we all know and used to love…This grape is hearty and full bodied and comes from the south East coastal region of Italy called Puglia. Think dry, hot heavy sun and lots of wind!  The fruit that is harvested can blend well with a Shiraz or a cabernet, but it also stands alone!  Flavors of plums and dark cherries give this one a fruity edge with a hint of spice and it deserves to be paired with chocolate muffins or a flourless chocolate torte.
  • Negro Amaro- Speaking of Puglia, here is another tantalizing grape from that zone. It has the body of a cab but is more noble and dark.  Literally translated, it means black bitter, which is why I think it tastes amazing with chocolate covered cherries or a trail mix assortment of berries, pecans and chocolate.
  • Sangiovese-This grape is so widely known that sometimes it gets overlooked. It can be a great dinner wine, but with its supple berry notes and gentle earthiness, it can also be enjoyed with apple crisp or caramel apples!  Or if you day was especially harsh and even better “pick me up” to match it with Tiramisu!

Work your way through the list and add your comments!  Don’t forget to enjoy a big glass of water with your wine to keep hydrated and my advice is to always sip with friends and family you like, it makes the wine taste even better!  Cheers!

Author Tina Suglia is owner/ operator of Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante & Wine Bar in Robbinsdale, MN.  She has been serving wine and training service staff for over 20 years, and she has been drinking it even longer! She has toured wine estates in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada and all over Italy. It brings her great pleasure to help her guests discover a new varietal and mainly focuses her wine list on unique varietals from Italy, Europe and South America.

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