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5 Patio Worthy White Wines

Salute! It’s that time of year again when the weather heats up, the wine cools down and the sun can last a full 12 hours a day! Whether you are dining out, sipping at home on a porch or just need to enjoy some vino to quench your soul, here are some great wines to drink this season!
1) Prosecco- known to many as a dry and bubbly apparativo, it can also be the perfect wine to enjoy! Crisp and refreshing, the bubbles also clean your palate and prepare your mouth for the start of digestion. If it’s too dry solo, add some fruit nectar or make it a spritzer with some sierra mist, sprite or even ginger ale! If you can’t get your hands on this Italian version, try the Spanish Cava!
2) Rose’ Rose’ Rose’- This is finally a hit in our country! It’s been a popular varietal in Europe for a long time. It can be made from many different grapes, but it is always pink, chilled, and delicious! Don’t expect it to taste like a white zinfandel, it has much more body and is more dry than fruity. It can stand alone or pair with lighter summer fare.
3) Fiano- Here is one you probably haven’t heard of, but it’s a delicious grape grown in the south east region of Italy known as Puglia. Puglia is an endearing region that grows more olive and grapes than you can imagine! Most of their grapes are shipped north to blend in other wines. This one stands alone because of the mild weather and longer growing season, lots of fruit and body, but just enough crisp deliciousness to work well with food or without! Think mango, peaches and even a hint of sage for good measure.
4) Torrontes- Here is a South American gem, the white counterpart to the Malbec from Argentina. A great alternative to the tired sauvignon blanc palate, a Torrantes has enough flower power to attract any bee, but easy body and a crisp end to a delicious savory sip. Try it with a Cesar salad or a caprese, but even solo it sings!
5) Gruner Vetliner- This one hails from Austria, it has a crisp apple tart taste with a touch of minerality. More body than one is usually used too for wines, but on a sweltering day of patio pounding, you need to drink a wine with some texture! If you want to match it to food, something like white fish or shrimp would work well.
Work your way through the list and add your comments! Don’t forget to enjoy a big glass of water with your wine to keep hydrated and my advice is to always sip with friends and family you like, it makes the wine taste even better! Cheers!
Author Tina Suglia is owner/ operator of Nonna Rosa’s Ristorante & Wine Bar in Robbinsdale, MN. She has been serving wine and training service staff for over 20 years, and she has been drinking it even longer! She has toured wine estates in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada and all over Italy. It brings her great pleasure to help her guests discover a new varietal and mainly focuses her wine list on unique varietals from Italy, Europe and South America.

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